Pattern Recognition

Solo Exhibition “Meeting Point” at Kunstforum Baloise, Basel 2016

With her installation at the Kunstforum Baloise, artist Jenni Tischer creates a scenario for reflecting, materializing and experiencing the notion „Pattern Recognition“. Taking the ornament from a relief on the facade of the former Baloise office building – and first modern office building in Basel – (Aeschengraben 25) by brutalist architect Hermann Baur as its starting point, the exhibition offers a multilayered experience of „Pattern Recognition“: On the Mirror Objects lines of thread are woven into small weaving looms. The reflecting parts of the body/face/space appear in ornamental fragments. Referencing “Pattern Recognition“ as used for developing algorithms, the ornament receives a new meaning. Black leather furniture for the employee are placed in the exhibition space at the Kunstforum Baloise which is also used as a meeting place. Jenni Tischer reproduces these leather benches as displays and arranging an environment for experiencing ornament.

Text: Martin Schwander (Curator Kunstforum Baloise, Basel)

Recognition I, 2016
mirror, weaving frame, yarn
ø 37 cm
Recognition II, 2016
loom, yarn, glass
ø 57 x 2.5 cm
Mood, watercolor, chalk on cashbook paper, 29,7 cm x 42 cm, 2016
Untitled (Pattern Fragment), watercolor on paper, 29,7 cm x 42 cm, 2016
Installation View
Baloise office building (Aeschengraben 25) by architect Hermann Baur, 1953