Akteurin in sieben Ansichten

Group Exhibition “Get Concrete At Some Point” at Galerie Krobath Berlin, 2011. With: Falke Pisano and Simone Schardt, curated by Sabeth Buchmann

It would seem that the objectivism of geometric construction, of abstract fragments and conceptual information aesthetics reconciled itself long ago with the subjectivism of atmosphere, expression and emotion. But what kind of, and more importantly, whose subjectivity is it that emerges from, or produces, the physical reality of the image object?

(…) Jenni Tischer’s contribution is a series of watercolours and a frame sculpture that is covered and draped with grey canvas. Reminiscent of stage design or altar arrangements, the sculpture oscillates between the abstract and the narrative form and, in combination with the watercolours and the works by Schardt and Pisano, it suggests a scenic space. Consisting of one large and three smaller frames spread across the room, the object functions as an “interface”, integrating the walls and showcases into one single spatio-visual structure. It is thus a process of framing and obscuring that literally describes concrete forms oscillating between three-dimensional physique and two-dimensional layout. In this work Tischer adopts a multi-faceted approach to the concept of montage, alluding to cinema, painting and poetry, and thus making the relation between watercolour paintings and frame sculpture accessible for perception as a functional partition wall, a walk-in painting, an opened magazine, a folded projection surface or a solipsistic object.

Text: Sabeth Buchmann

Akteurin in sieben Ansichten, 2011
wood, stage textile, 200 x 290 x 160 cm
Exhibition View, 2011
Akteurin in sieben Ansichten, 2011, Detail
Exhibition View, 2011
Dank an die Akteurin, 2011,
aquarell, text, drawing on paper, framed 83,5 x 59,5 cm

Photos: Jens Ziehe