Cleaning Script

Artistic Intervention and Workshop with students initiated by Jenni Tischer, March 2020 at University for Applied Arts Vienna

Participating Performers:
Natascha Gerold, Christoph Giesch, Maximilia Hogrebe, Paul Kitzmüller, Emma Kaufmann-Laduc, Laura Oyuela, Astrid Poyer, Irene Reichart, Filip Zajac

“Cleaning Script” is concerned with invisible work, invisible work processes and the institutional structures that produce them. The intervention took place on four glass aisles situated in the center of the University for Applied Arts Vienna. In a workshop a group of students and people from the cleaning staff had explored different cleaning gestures on 32 glass panels that were then applied on to the glass aisles. On the next day the group came together again and cleaned the work traces.

Photo: Vincent Forstenlechner